Android App Development - Online Beginner Course

Learn creating Android Apps and see how its not very different from your favorite game of cricket...

Skill Level Beginner Level
No of levels 16
Course duration ~ 20 hours
Pre-requisite Knowledge of Programming Fundamentals and Database
Recommended Course - Learn to Code
& - Relational Database Introduction
Language English
includes 365 days access

Course Curriculum


level 1 Introduction to the App world
level 2 Environment Set Up
level 3 Creating Android project
level 4 Creating User interface
level 5 How to run the Application?
level 6 Creating app (Calculator)
level 7 Managing App lifecycle
level 8 Activity Lifecycle: Pausing an Activity
level 9 Activity Lifecycle:Stopping an activty
level 10 Supporting different devices
level 11 Interacting with other apps
level 12 Getting result from launched activity
level 13 Menus
level 14 App bars
level 15 Saving data
level 16 Building apps