JAVA Power - Online Beginner Course

Learn Core JAVA Concepts along with JDBC and JUnit

Skill Level Beginner Level
No of levels 9
Course duration ~ 30 hours
Pre-requisite Knowledge of Programming Fundamentals & Relational Databse
Recommended Course - Learn to Code
and Relational Database Introduction
Language English
includes 365 days access

Course Curriculum


Foundation builder Start with basics of Java and OOPs and working in Java IDE environment. Learn to write Java console programs, debug and execute them.
Basic building blocks of Java Use data storage in Java with variables, classes and objects. Learn modifiers, methods and add comments to your programs.
Pillars of strength Make your program logic strong with conditional statements, loops and arrays.
String theory Manipulate strings with string, stringbuilder and stringbuffer classes and methods.
Using collections Study collections framework API and make your programs and data storage versatile.
Lifeline of Java Empower your Java code with OOPs features like inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, interface, constructors, method overloading and overriding.
Fixing Loopholes Make your programs bug free with exception handlers. Also, learn multithreading on the way.
Creating connections Connect your application to a database using JDBC. View or edit the data using PreparedStatement, CallableStatetement and ResultSet interfaces.
Testing Times Use Unit testing methods and JUnit methods to test your application.