Relational Database Introduction - Online Beginner Course

Learn Relational Database and see how it helped a start-up to grow their business multi-fold...

Skill Level Beginner Level
No of levels 9
Course duration ~ 20 hours
Pre-requisite Knowledge of Programming Fundamentals
Recommended Course - Learn to Code
Language English
includes 365 days access

Course Curriculum


level 1 Database concepts - Basic concepts of Database, DBMS, RDBMS
level 2 ER diagrams and normalisation - Learn ER diagrams and normalisation
level 3 Physical DB Design - Physical DB Design & Implementation Phase
level 4 SQL - Structured Query Language - What & Why of SQL Statements
level 5 DDL Commands - Learn Basic DDL (Data Definition Language) commands
level 6 DML Commands - Learn Basic DML (Data Manipulation Language)commands
level 7 DQL Commands - Learn Basic DQL (Data Query Language) commands
level 8 DQL Advance Commands - Learn Unions, Joins, Subqueries
level 9 RDBMS - Miscellaneous - Get an overview of Views, TCL Commands, Functions and Stored Procedures